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A couple of feet of snow, shoveling, 13º, shoveling, -5º windchill, shoveling, more snow on the way, shoveling, schools closed but not work, shoveling . . . . OK, that's enough winter. Let's have spring now, please.


Dec. 10th, 2008 08:25 am
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You know how in yearbooks they have a section on those who were voted most popular, most likely to succeed, smartest, funniest, etc? With a boy and a girl for each? In Laura's school, three kids are nominated for each category - Laura was nominated for smartest, most attractive, and best hair - then the whole 8th grade votes.

Laura won best hair. When I asked how she did in the smartest run-off, she said, “Mom, I was up against an Asian girl and an Indian girl. I’m a blonde. How do you think I did?”
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+ 14 mile bike ride (don't laugh, that's a lot for me)
++ in perfect weather
++ on the canal at its most picturesque
+++ with my daughter
+ more outdoors, walking with [ profile] wotw
+ kids suggesting we scrounge for dinner, rather than me cooking
+ full coverage of Olympics swimming in (mostly) prime time (all week!)

+ more perfect weather
+ walked to (small, expensive, but hey, walking distance!) farmer's market
++ with daughter
+ ran into friends there
+ walked from there to the good bagel place (still with daughter!*)
+ [ profile] wotw just arrived to ask for another walk

*You may be wondering why a 13 year-old is willing to spend so much time with her mother. It's only because all her friends are away on vacation or at camp.
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Driver ed class: where children go to learn to criticize their parents' driving.
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One good/bad consequence of my promotion is my employer is going to buy me a cell phone. I don't need anything fancy, just voice and text for the time being, so I'm to stick to the free choices offered here.

Which one should I get?
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My promotion finally came through, with a raise too! I've only been working on this for about 15 months. Of course, this means Even More Work and Higher Taxes, but hey, it feels good for the moment!
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The other night my daughter (age 13) announced she has a boyfriend (her first). He happens to be African-American, although that didn't come up until her brothers and I went looking for him in her yearbook. Also, one of her good friends has two mommies. Meanwhile, one of my sons' (almost 16) best friends is (and I mean this in the most complimentary way) a flaming queen.

The kids take all of this for granted. This fills me with delight.
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The 106 most-owned least-read books:

+ read it
- haven't read it
? not sure

the list )
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What mom says (calm friendly voice): "That turn was a little fast."

What kid presumably hears: "ACK! You're going to kill us all! What were you thinking? You'll never learn to drive at this rate!"

Kid's reaction: "STOP YELLING AT ME!"

Mom bites tongue and takes deep breaths. Mom is losing tongue at a fast rate.
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7th graders are required to do 3 hours of community service as part of health class. Laura decided to pick up trash in the neighborhood. But she feared it would be boring, so she recruited, Tom Sawyer-style, three of her friends to help her (friends who aren't taking health now). I'm not sure whether to call this laziness or leadership.
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I now know why none - not one - of the recipes I found for banana cream pie called for adding banana to the cream part of the pie. "Why only slice bananas into the crust before pouring in the custard?" I thought. "I want this pie to taste really banana-y. Why not add some mashed banana to the creamy part?" I thought maybe it wasn't recommended because it might detract from the smooth texture, but I didn't think that would be so bad.

And I was right about the texture, it was fine. And the flavor too. But the next day, well, you know how bananas become discolored over time (despite the addition of lemon juice?). I now have a pie pan half full of what looks like cat barf.
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My house assessment just went up 48.4%! Just when one thinks one is starting to get a (financial) handle on things . . . Guess what my stimulus check will be used for? Out of one tax pot into another. grrrr
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• All three kids got straight A's this year. I would have considered things to be going well if even one of three got straight A's. Of course I understand that grades do not measure everything of importance. While they each have some geeky characteristics, they also, for example, do sports, play muscial instruments or do cool artwork, socialize frequently with lots of friends, and don't engage in too much teenage mopey-ness. I am very very lucky.

• Camping with other families so that there are thirteen other kids ages 12-18 for your own three kids to swim, run, play cards & frisbee, build fires, eat s'mores, and generally hang out with, is a good thing.

• Hockey parents are more interesting people than soccer parents.

• Avoid out-of-town soccer tournaments.


Jun. 28th, 2007 09:50 am
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My favorite face lotions, which I use every day, come in 4 oz. bottles. Horseradish, which I use maybe three times a year, comes in 8 oz. bottles. Why?
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My 12-year-old daughter, the one who considers herself mature and sophisticated and who is embarrassed by my existence, after a long busy week including final tests and several narrowly won soccer games, just fell asleep with her head in my lap as I stroked her hair and read bedtime stories to her.
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This morning: Greg got first in his age group in the Lilac 5K, 10th overall in a field of 500. Peter was 41 overall. Greg and his dad won the father/son division. (The 10K had a thousand runners, undoubtedly many of the best, but I can still be proud!)

This afternoon: Peter played ultimate frisbee for 2 hours and Greg played a baseball game.

Why am I so tired?
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Do you think maybe someone at this university could do hir piece of the job right on the first try for a change, so I wouldn't have to spend the bulk of my time cleaning up other people's messes? Is that too much to ask?

My entire day has been spent on such clean-up, on top of the emergency phone call I received at 11:20 last night to take care of an urgent problem that resulted from a colleague typing her email address wrong. (If you're coming into work at night so you won't have to bring a system down during the day, and if you need to receive something critical by email in order to bring the system back up, do you think you might check to make sure you input the correct email address?), following about 2 weeks of what seems to be endless errors that land on my plate for clean-up.

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Is it possible to own a house and a car without something breaking every month? This morning my garbage disposal, in its death throes, spewed its contents throughout the undersink cupboard. *exasperated sigh*
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Remind me not to go on vacation in between two office moves that occur within a month of each other. I was pretty organized for the first one, but the second happened immediately upon return from vacation. All my files, all the contents of my desk, bulletin board etc, and the entire software library are in boxes. Meanwhile, the backlog keeps growing and growing . . . And I'll have to do this all over again in another few months. Oh, and the new space really is, basically, a box.
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On this damp 39º day, my daughter walked to school in her winter coat . . . . and flip-flops.
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