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Sadly, last week the old Escort was sold for scrap, after bravely
battling a long illness. The car would have needed a new engine, and
the family determined the Escort had suffered enough and deserved to
be put out of its misery. The Escort lived a long and useful life,
at over 160,000 miles old, and will be remembered as a
faithful servant and companion (except for when it wasn't). The
Escort enjoyed many adventures, including driving through fences,
scaling mountains in Wyoming, and carrying multitudes of sweaty
teenagers to and from their runs in Mendon Ponds Park. Other
adventures probably occurred in the backseat, but we choose not to
impugn the reputation of our departed friend. The Escort lately
attended Bowdoin College, but passed away before completing a degree.

Special thanks to frequent passenger Holly, who took the
final scanned and emailed paperwork to the car hospital in Boston to
authorize the pulling of the plug.

Survivors include Peter, who may not even have heard the sad
news yet as he is incommunicado at the 7D Ranch in Wyoming, where he
gets to drive much more manly tractors and giant pick-up trucks;
Gregory, who recently made the trip to and from Boston via
train, taking over twice as long as it would have in the Escort, and
who will be commuting by bicycle and bus in and around Brunswick,
Maine, this summer; and their mother Lisa, who eagerly awaits
the return of the license plates so she can cancel the insurance.

As of this writing, there are no plans for a memorial service.  In lieu of
flowers, donations in the Escort's memory may be made to the family's
Battered Used Car Replacement Fund.
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