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On Monday I was thankful not to be a Korean mother. Hearing about one country suddenly opening fire on another is always alarming, but having 18-year-old sons adds an extra element of gut-wrench to the news. My heart goes out to the parents, youth, and anyone else who involuntarily becomes involved in whatever conflict may arise.

[Tuesday was posted on schedule.]

On Wednesday I was thankful for courtesy. On my way to work I stopped at the little bakery near my house to pick up butter gems for the feast. (Butter gems are yummy rolls, without which my children would insist it could not possibly be Thanksgiving.) It's always very crowded that day, with a long line. As I approached the bakery, I noticed two elderly women ahead of me moving very slowly, one walking with apparent difficulty with a cane, so I hustled ahead to get the door. I kept the door open for the second woman, who really didn't need help, and when she hesitated, I motioned for her to go in. She looked at me in shock. Apparently she thought I had rushed so I could get ahead of her in line. She went in but then insisted that I should go ahead of her. Then the cane-woman joined in. The three of us played the "no, really, you go ahead" game until it became a moot point when the bakery workers called us all at the same time :) We all left with "happy thanksgiving"s on our tongues and smiles on our faces.

On Thursday I was thankful for having all my babies home. I've always been acutely aware of how lucky I am to have three healthy and relatively problem-free kids. And for years I've been used to brief stints away from them, since I share custody with their father. In fact, for the last year, the custody schedule has been week on/week off (easier on teenage kids but harder on parents). So the adjustment to college wasn't too hard. (I'm talking about me now, not them.) But my oh my it's good to have them all around!!

Today I am thankful for pie for breakfast! (Which serves as a stand-in for my thankfulness for access to good and healthful food year-round.)

Date: 2010-11-26 10:25 pm (UTC)
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On Thursday I was thankful for having all my babies home.
::joins you on the Thankful Parent bench::


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