Nov. 18th, 2009


Nov. 18th, 2009 05:25 pm
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I spent the last couple of days doing Interesting and Useful Work. It was a lot of fun. Not only that, it was noticed and appreciated. Not only that, it was noticed that I should be spending more time doing this sort of Cool Hard Stuff and less time doing Boring Routine Stuff, and it was suggested that maybe we should even hire someone else to do the Boring Routine Stuff. This is good.

And just now I had a revelation about what makes work fun for me. I have the most fun when I'm given a sinking-feeling problem. By that I mean at the beginning I have no idea where to start, so I get a sinking feeling. But I always manage to start somewhere, and that leads me to the next question, which leads me to the next person, which leads me to the next file, etc. Sort of like a private eye. And eventually I find the right thread, and I tug and pull and dig, and the problem unravels. These are not math problems, or code problems, or accounting problems, although solving them can be fun too. These are "what the hell is going on here?" problems. They usually involve a bit of who said what to whom with what intent, where is the original contract/agreement/email/file/anything in writing, how to interpret said writing, who do I need to talk to; lots of who what when where why. That sort of problem. I piece together the story. Then I write it up, so we'll all know for next time.

Meanwhile, the mountain of Boring Routine Stuff on my desk is growing . . . but I'm leaving work with a smile today.


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