May. 14th, 2009

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This week the kids and I have or had:
4 AP exams (2 each for Greg & Peter)
3 lacrosse games (Laura)
3 track meets (boys)
1 big project for English class (Laura)
1 presentation to the CIO (me)
1 presentation to the entire leadership team (ditto)
1 big math test (Laura)
4 soccer games (Laura)
1 lacrosse team sleepover (Laura)
junior prom (boys)

So far things are going well - better than expected, even. G&P feel confident about the AP exams, and now that they're over, they can coast the rest of the school year. The first of the track meets yielded a PR for Peter. It rained only at relatively convenient times.

Six months ago I was tapped for a process re-engineering project. The team of seven has been meeting 12 hrs/week since then. Twelve hrs/week every week in a very small windowless room. We have gotten to know each other very well. Our job - it took a while to figure out what that was; apparently the directors thought it was better not to, you know, direct us, so we made more than a few false starts and wrong turns - anyway, our job is to redesign the way we (a 210-person IT organization) provide support and fulfill service requests, from pretty much the ground up. We are by no means finished, but yesterday and today we presented our recommendations. The team nominated me to give the presentations, and I was rather nervous . . . but it went quite well. It was gratifying to see some of the directors nodding agreement during the talk, and we kicked ass during the Q&A, because after six months we - not to put too fine a point on it - really know our shit.

Whew! Just a math test, some lacrosse and a lot of soccer, a sleepover, and a prom to go! ETA: and 2 track meets!

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