Dec. 26th, 2008

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My three kids and their respective girlfriends (or "just friend" in one case) and boyfriend are off ice skating together. A triple date (though Laura would hate to hear me say that). Peter drove. I can't tell you how weird, but also wonderful, this feels. (The fact that I like the girlfriends/boyfriend doesn't hurt.)

For the first time ever, they slept in on "christmas" morning, which we did here today - the kids were at their dad's yesterday. It was a modest stash under the tree - mostly books and chocolate - since we just bought a new flute for Laura and I'm buying my mom's '97 Escort for the boys. Then the kids walked to Twelve Corners for bagels and cream cheese while I did some more dishes from last night's feast. [ profile] wotw brought about 150 lbs. of assorted smoked fish and lox, along with enough cucumbers, sweet onions, and tomatoes to feed an army. We assembled a traditional Jewish platter, which has become our new ritual for christmas morning. We tried to do justice to the quantities; afterward there was much napping on sofas.

Over the last two weeks I made our family's traditional xmas cookies (sugar cookies with sherry), rum balls, Russian tea cakes, thumbprint cookies, and a cranberry fruit tart. I'm not sure what got into me, normally I never bake that much. Now it's time to get serious about some exercise.

Both thanksgiving and christmas this year were relaxed and fun, without stress. They were also (except for my kids, of course) bio-family-free. Coincidence?

Oh, and my sister celebrated in California with her new family - it's official, she and her boyfriend are getting married! *squee*

Hope your $holiday was equally warm, loving, and stress-free!


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